Itaewon Class: Why I Love Park Sae-Ro-Yi

Itaewon Class was one of the best kdramas of 2020 (yet) and Park Sae-Ro-Yi one of my favourite male protagonists ever. This post focuses on why. You can check out my in-depth kdrama review of Itaewon Class here. And now… 1. Courage to live life on his terms Following your beliefs, ambition…it’s not all glorious or… Continue reading Itaewon Class: Why I Love Park Sae-Ro-Yi

Everything I Love About Itaewon Class

One of the best kdramas of 2020 yet It would be a better experience if you hit play on this and listen to it while reading this post. I love how this show had 2 strong female leads instead of the typical two strong male leads. And by strong I mean they were both… Continue reading Everything I Love About Itaewon Class