Who do we spend the most amount of our time with?

I was watching an interesting YouTube video about life being short and how to spend our limited time, and there I stumbled across an interesting chart - data on who we spend our time with across different social groups (family, friends, partner, coworkers, etc.) and how that changes over time. While this data is based… Continue reading Who do we spend the most amount of our time with?

Insurance Companies: Leave Me Alone, Please!

Like a responsible 25-year-old adult, I decided to finally look into life insurance. So, on this rare morning when I feel like I have my life together, I decide to check what the premium of a life insurance policy for me will be. I go to two of the most well-known life insurers, let's call… Continue reading Insurance Companies: Leave Me Alone, Please!

Being cool about not being cool

The summer I was sixteen, this boy I was friends with and liked told me, ‘I can’t be friends with someone who is sad six days and happy one day.’ Soon after, he ghosted me. That was the first time someone ghosted me, and sadly, I can’t say it was the last. People are now… Continue reading Being cool about not being cool