Kdrama Review: The Penthouse

The Penthouse: War In Life is a kdrama that is over the top and super dramatic. And that's why I love it. Here's why you might too!

Feel Good kdramas To Watch On A Rainy Day

June is a joyous month for me because it means the start of the rainy season where I live. So naturally, then, June means hot chocolate with marshmallows (two), bookish days, and comforting kdramas with three servings of ramyun, please! Romance Is A Bonus Book Rainy days and green onionsEating lot of ramyun and other… Continue reading Feel Good kdramas To Watch On A Rainy Day

Itaewon Class: Why I Love Park Sae-Ro-Yi

Itaewon Class was one of the best kdramas of 2020 (yet) and Park Sae-Ro-Yi one of my favourite male protagonists ever. This post focuses on why. You can check out my in-depth kdrama review of Itaewon Class here. And now… 1. Courage to live life on his terms Following your beliefs, ambition…it’s not all glorious or… Continue reading Itaewon Class: Why I Love Park Sae-Ro-Yi

Kdrama Review: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

This show was not just entertainment for me. It wasn’t just some cheesy romance. It taught me about life, people and myself. It taught me about family, sacrifices and art. It taught me that no matter how many people rely on me or how much I mean to someone, I belong to myself. Hargun belongs… Continue reading Kdrama Review: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Kdrama Review: Her Private Life

One of the best Kdramas of 2019 You know when you want adult kdramas that are relatable but also give you all the butterflies and are funny? Her Private Life is the epitome of it. Plot This kdrama starts off by introducing us to Sung Deok Mi, a 30-something art curator who seems to live… Continue reading Kdrama Review: Her Private Life

9 Reasons To Watch The Kdrama My Father Is Strange

Yes, this IS a family drama and yes, it DOES have 52 episodes of an hour each. But my god, people, this k-drama is GOLD. This k-drama follows a family – the parents and their four adult children who live with them. And what happens to their family when their father’s past comes to light.… Continue reading 9 Reasons To Watch The Kdrama My Father Is Strange