Book Review: I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki

What this book is: A part memoir, part self-help book A book translated from Korean to English by Anton Hur A book where the author, Baek Se-Hee, is being as vulnerable as one can be while knowing it may not be well received What this book is not: A good-feel bookA book that feels complete… Continue reading Book Review: I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki

Insurance Companies: Leave Me Alone, Please!

Like a responsible 25-year-old adult, I decided to finally look into life insurance. So, on this rare morning when I feel like I have my life together, I decide to check what the premium of a life insurance policy for me will be. I go to two of the most well-known life insurers, let's call… Continue reading Insurance Companies: Leave Me Alone, Please!

Happy Women’s Day: Things I want to tell women as a woman

I struggled for a long time to consider myself as a woman and not a girl because we just call each other girls despite our age. As if being a woman is old and sad? But boys can't wait to become men. Or do you have to shoulder great responsibilities like marriage and children to… Continue reading Happy Women’s Day: Things I want to tell women as a woman

Being cool about not being cool

The summer I was sixteen, this boy I was friends with and liked told me, ‘I can’t be friends with someone who is sad six days and happy one day.’ Soon after, he ghosted me. That was the first time someone ghosted me, and sadly, I can’t say it was the last. People are now… Continue reading Being cool about not being cool

Quotes From The Book I Decided To Live As Me

I Decided To Live As Me is an illustrated non-fiction bookWritten as a to do list for everyone struggling with adulting in today's world Translated from KoreanIts goal is to comfort its readers as they figure out for themselves who they are and what life means for themBTS Jungkook recommended book You can read my… Continue reading Quotes From The Book I Decided To Live As Me

Book Review: I Decided To Live As Me by Kim Soo-Hyun

If you feel weighed down by adulting and the world as it is now, this collection of illustrated essays will be your solace.