My Self-Care Menu

Because we all need one and definitely need to run through it on a Monday.

Five-minute items

1. Grab a glass of warm water and play Wordle right after waking up

2. Dance to the new k-pop song you are obsessed with before your meeting at work

3. Interact with your twitter/tumblr besties

Fifteen-minute items

1. Draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and get iced coffee after lunch when working from home, take in the afternoon calm

2. Make lists when anxious to get all the overwhelming thoughts and emotions out in a tangible sequence

3. Go for a walk with your mom at night and watch the stars and the moon

Thirty-minute items

1. Look up new books that excite you and send them to your Kindle

2. Lie on the floor and listen to the gorgeous playlist your gorgeous friend made you of songs from across the world in languages you don’t yet understand

3. Make messy animated illustrations on Procreate to express your current mood

What would your self-care menu look like?

1 thought on “My Self-Care Menu”

  1. I like how you have made this list so engaging and accessible because all the things you’ve mentioned like the books and music I can access immediately and feel good because of you for reminding me to take care of myself right away!


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